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Morning Blessings

The mist hangs heavy ~ hovering above the waters, masking the morning skies reflection. My ears catch the sound of trout feeding. I sit and watch as the waters slowly come awake. The mist slowly disperses to welcome the dawn.

Sound of the loons flight echoes piercing through the chorus of bullfrogs! It is now five thirty am and natures choir is just warming up in song. One by the one birds join in! The White Throated Sparrow chirping their “OH CANADA” Robins unite in trill as the Golden Yellow and Purple Finch add their melody. Even the black Raven tosses a note in passing!

Awe struck I witness the clouds scatter revealing the brilliant blue sky, turning the lake from deep tones of brown to bright hues of blue. Quietly I observe the character of unbroken ripples, as they happily dance in circles created from the lake trout.

My heart is warmed by the sun, now touching the distant hills nudging them from their slumber. Sheep Laurel still heavy with dew, sparkles as the sun gently sweeps over them, coaxing their delightful pink buds. They silently open laying out a “red carpet’ for the new day!

My attention is now focused on the edge of the deep olive forest. I am thrilled to be graced with the presence of an old bull moose. Unaware of my presence the old bull continues to the waters edge for an early morning drink. He then slowly disappears back into the shadows, as quick as a thought the moment has passed. Loosing my focus only for a moment, I Laugh silently to myself, as not to lose the capture of the Hermit Thrush vigorously ~ rooting through the black dirt for a feed of ants!

The breeze is now on the waters, slowly erasing natures mirror!

Blessed by the morning…

A song in my heart..

A smile in my soul.

Kathy J Snow©



3 thoughts on “Morning Blessings

  1. Such a beautiful description of all you were seeing , it brings joy to my heart to capture the moments with pen and paper so we to can sure in all of the awaken of the morning. A place you are so blessed to be able to watch , thank you for sharing with me Kathy . Gods bless you

  2. Thank you, Maxine. These captured moments are nuggets from the Lord! God’s creation ~ nature is so bountiful in the gifts of inspiration! So blessed you stopped by and took the time to read and comment. Blessings my wonderful friend!

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