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Legend of the Robin


Robin with the red breast on a branch up in the tree

I look at you and wonder how your red breast came to be,

A story once was told by a prophet long ago

How you tried to save the Savior from the pain He suffered so.


Was a day of utter darkness as the Savior hung n pain

Upon the rugged cross as He bore my sin and shame,

The sky was dark, the rain it fell as blood flowed to the ground

From out of nowhere a brown bird came, as it flew around and around.


He had heard the cry father forgive from that hill so far away

He could see the cruel nails and the crown of thorns displayed,

He tried to pull those nails out as he flew into the cross

With all his might he gave it all but to him would seem a loss.


Although the nails never budged his little breast was stained

And colored with the deep red blood from the Saviors pain,

It was then he knew it had to be the Savior gave his life

So we could all be saved from sin and given eternal life!




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