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Raindrops and Miracles

The heaviness of rain hangs in the balance ~

grey clouds are confused of their task for the day.

Humidity arrives early and clings to my skin.

Maple leaves are still, no stirring from wind that is wished upon them.



A slow distant rumble in the sky ~ that is now tucked

in with blankets of grey patched clouds.

I want to write but my thoughts are on the peradventure!


The steady drone of chorused air conditioners ~

a despairing reminder of the unwanted city life.

Fingers of lightening tickle the sky, from beneath the covers 

of clouds ~ a deep throated laughter brings taunting rain drops.


Birds take flight to the shelter of nest.

A few drops of rain tease kissing my skin, the heavens open ~

sheets of relief pelt the dry awaiting earth! 

Running for cover I grab my journal of thoughts, while observing the rain 

as it unites and embraces the earth. 


As quick as it starts it has ended. The blanket of empty 

clouds have rolled back revealing sun and a pastel rainbow! 

Slowly song birds return ~ drinking the raindrops from the leaves.

Again the earth rejoices with rejuvenation ~

The glorious miracle of blessings!


 Kathy J Snow©



2 thoughts on “Raindrops and Miracles

  1. The image painted with words is beautiful, yet at the same time I was relived to know the rains were over and the rainbow was seen, along with the little birds return , lovely to read; Kathy you are a blessing sharing your gift from God with me and others who visit , thank you so much.

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