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Our Tomorrows

Silently wind sweeps in across the waters

igniting the beautiful murmurs amidst the trees,

it awakens the poet and summons the nakedness of the soul!


New verse is born my heart absorbs the wonder of creation

recording its expressions for future recollection.


Days are numbered every moment with every breath!

On my hearts canvas is a painting of the olive green forest, 

I seal it with love for where I belong!


Stop the ticking of the minutes!

Listen! I hear hours passing on the old clock…


Observe the rain on the distant hills

with every gust of wind it inches closer-

like the teardrops threatening to escape!


Deep within the olive green forest there is truth to life’s reason,

Follow the aged dirt road past the rocks, bogs and beaver damns,

for there it is hidden!


I will return someday never to leave-

surrounded by the tall white birch, the blue inviting waters, 

the bountiful delightful pink laurel,

and the handsome deep olive forest!


Together my love we will count the sunsets!

Together hands clasped we will gaze upon the moon and stars,

in sleepy slumber we will dream of our tomorrows…


This is our home my love!

This is where we belong!


Kathy J Snow©




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