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Nature’s Guestbook

The little sparrows love to stop

And share a song or two ~

There’s always room for purple finch

The yellow warbler too!


Sometimes the robin finds the bath

And cools its feathers down ~

If luck would have it dinners served

A worm upon the ground!


A Hermit thrush he lingers still

And checks the wood for lunch ~

Just in time the ants are stirred

listen close you’ll hear him crunch!


Bright golden finch they wing their way

Right to their special perch~

Side by side the couples sit

On branches of the birch!


More than often you might see

A squirrel come for brunch ~

Between the chitter and the chatter

I think they steal ~ it’s just a hunch!


Many creatures have stopped by

To bless my little nook ~

So thankful for these lovely signings

In my natures guestbook!

Kathy J Snow©



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