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Language of Prayer

Prayer~ a noun.

I truly believe there are so many different interpretations of prayer, the can be, needs to be, and should be.

Some might say prayer is a closet of solitude where they meet the Lord silently and solemnly appealing for assistance in time of trouble and need ~ others might say it is a beautiful garden where they commune with their Savior, expressing their love and thanks for His MERCY and GRACE. Some might say, prayer is a continual conversation they have with their closest friend the Lord.

Is prayer based on ones relationship with God? Can we say prayer is based on ones pattern of Christian life? Are we allowed to presume the what, when, how, and why’s of prayer, seem to be based on what arises in ones daily routines?

I honestly believe that a Christian walk is a personal walk. You cannot base your journey on others fortunes or misfortunes, or their pebbles and blessings of life. It might encourage or discourage, but should never be deemed as a rule for the conscience of prayer.

I have struggled with prayer so often in my walk with God. Going through trials especially throughout my younger years. I noticed the trend that my prayers seemed to be prayed when I was either, trapped, tempted, or discovered in trouble. I would be anxious and trying desperately to pray my way out of the circumstance. I believe sometimes even praying desperately trying to soften the blow of judgement.

I realize now, that all those prayers where not in vain. While growing in my Christian walk and drawing closer to my El Shaddia I also grew in my prayer life. As I communed with the Lord, talking with Him became second nature to me. Thanking my Saviour for the troubles and seeking guidance, instead of trying to find a way around the trouble without too many scrapes. I also became quite aware that it was a very personal way to worship the Lord and give Him praise.

Psalm 141:2 –Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.

Prayer is a language of your Christian walk. God does not need an interpreter for ones prayer. God knows your heart and will draw near unto you, as you draw near unto him.

In my book “Pebbles and Blessings” I have written many poems of healing from life’s troubles. “Conscience” is a testimony from a time of prayer struggles. May you be blessed.


We’ve heard the song to be like Him

For with tearful prayer to be,

Countless prayers to God above

Oh make me more like thee!


Despair so deep when plea is made

On bended knee to bow,

Tis when we feel the greatest need

And careless thoughts for vows!


Be mindful when implored these prayers

For as they wend their way,

The answer not is what you seek

But clear conscience at end of day!







9 thoughts on “Language of Prayer

  1. Beautiful post and an equally beautiful song. (This is one of my favorite songs of yours that I have had the opportunity to listen to.) Prayer is a vital aspect of our Christian life and is our lifeline, our direct line to the Father. As we progress in our walk with Him and grow in His love, our prayer life changes as well reflecting that growth. However, prayer doesn’t always require words for our Father knows us so well that He can even hear the silent prayer of our heart – and for those times in life when words fail us, I am beyond grateful that He loves me that much. Thank you for sharing this. Many blessings on you and your writing!

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