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Measure Twice Cut Once

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

When I first started sewing it didn’t take me long to become quite overwhelmed by the numerous terms and techniques that accompanied the language of the craft  As I became more versed in the knowledge from taking time to be taught in detail, I eventually discovered techniques that worked best for me. Getting comfortable with the must-know skills came from the willingness to be taught and hours spent behind my sewing machine.

A few small but very important lessons I learned was you create your own difficulty and errors by not following through with instructions, taking the time to complete the task properly the first time and without cutting corners, a good example of this is when you are constructing a quilt.

I will not go into great detail it would be too lengthy, however a few very important reminders when machine quilting.

  • The main tool, your sewing machine is in top performance working order!
  • You have all the right tools to complete the quilt thoroughly, this includes all your fabric, you would hate to run out just to find the fabric store no longer carries the pattern you need to finish your last quilting block!
  • A very good lesson, measure twice cut once!

Sewing is a lot like our Christian walk with God; In sewing we follow a pattern, if we stray from the guide, soon you will find the more you sew the more your pattern becomes off and out of line, thus having to take extra time with the seam ripper to undo the errors you choose to make, sometimes even having to go right back to the beginning and start over!

In our lives we might think we know the pattern off by heart, we think we know what is best, and we have it all figured out. Until we accept that God has the one and only divine plan, a pattern He has created for each individual who has accepted Him as their personal Savor, we will have to keep bringing out that seam ripper! Oh it might hurt our feelings a little, and tear us a little, but the result will be a strait line of perfect stitches, binding our lives to His to complete our life’s quilt!

Remember, the size of the cut might look right to our human eye, but if not measured by God’s word ~ even off by a hair, will throw everything off and result in stray stitches.

As a Christian we want our lives to be woven with the tapestry of God’s word, that is my heart and souls desire and my earnest prayer.

Kathy J Snow



2 thoughts on “Measure Twice Cut Once

  1. I remember the very same sewing lessons , amazing isn’t it how the instruction never change over a life time , and so to with Gods word His instructions remain the same too…… we just need to take heed of them and not find out selves going over the same lesson time and time again; for some of us it comes a lot easier than others, we need to remove that part of us that wants to do it out way and succeed; it need to be done Gods way. His instructions remain true, and always lead us to victory.

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