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The Thrill of Interpretation

I recall the thrill when my English professor would distribute several poems, and as an assignment we were to write our own interpretation of each one! It was always so interesting to hear other students clarify their thoughts on the same poems!

This poem was written perhaps, from a tortured minds point of view, struggling from past sins? Did this tortured mind finally make wrongs right with his or her maker? I enjoy writing poetry where different conclusions can be surmised. As a writer I am indeed hopeful that there was a positive outcome to this verse.

What is your interpretation?

Echoes Through Glass of Time


I walk the halls retracing steps

Distorted boards where feet once crept,

Where portraits of life once draped the walls

Bartered for dust to cushion their fall.


Sense of voice as once filled the air

In its place ghostly figures now congregate there,

Memories are haunting as time now stands still

Echoes of burden through the air send a chill.


As I slip through the pane broken glass of time

Without Looking back forgetting the crime,

Now once called for the soul is at rest

I break through the realm it is over the last test.

Kathy J Snow©



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