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Shared Blessings

ImageWith doing a little purging today, and going through a few treasure boxes, I came across quite a few mementos and very special trinkets, one in particular touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes and made me say, “Thank you Lord for people who love unconditional and encourage” Tucked near the bottom of the box was a little book, a book about 4×3 the title on the front cover, “A LITTLE BOOK OF ENCOURAGEMENT”
I opened the cover to reveal; To: My dear niece Kathy with love from Auntie Marie, the year was 2000 and on the bottom a message consisting of one sentence, “You are special”

God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. I randomly turned pages and came upon page 24 it read, “He is with you in your grief and intensely involved in your circumstances. Experience Him in this way today.” Unquote. My mind raced back through the avenues of trials, doubts, and fears, and how the Lord was with me and guided me. Through past journeys I am made strong in Him! Those circumstances have enriched my life to the extent of feeling both the need and urgency to encourage others!

I truly believe it was another special vindication from the Lord guiding me to where I am today! The avenue of encouragement through song & verse. Thank you Lord for your wonderful Love, grace, and never ending mercy! Thank you Lord for dear Aunties who encourage and live as examples of your wonderful truth!

 Blessings, allow God to lead you in paths of righteousness and encouragement!

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