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The Avenue

ImageWalk me through the avenue give my soul a thrill

let the notes of harmony ring from song to soul are borne!


Healing stanzas caress ~ sooth my weary mind

forgotten are the worries for within there is no time.


Expression is upon thy instrument through the avenue it echoes,

symbols of adoration resound lifting me higher in confidence I praise!


Proclamation of worship carried from note to note

tis a chorus filled with tribute in thankfulness hands are raised!


Yielded now to Him declaring all His glory,

in the avenue of song expression of salvations story!


There is beauty now and reverence within the avenue

all earthly pleasures hushed as to Him all knees are bowed,


Confession of the soul is voiced He is Lord, He is Lord!

Refrains adorn the avenue of song betwixt the silver chord.

Kathy J Snow©


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