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Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird

Footsteps ~ on the walkway
vibrations tremble the toy brownish feathers,
Unaware of tiny creature laying lifeless on the wayside
Approaching now I hesitate to look in fear there is no song.

Little brown bird where is your home,
did you stray and strife came upon thee?

No flight for thy wings upon the wind
Tears fill my soul,
I sense presence of taking, withdraw leftover life
I survey the hawk, it circles waiting for me to pass.

Little brown bird what was your song,
doth your melody linger in the trees?

Footsteps ~ on the walkway
a passerby, a glance at death,
No comment, I admire thought within, and keep mine tucked inside.
Steps now distance me from the crime.

Little brown bird when will it be,
conclusion of ending what happened to thee?

Little brown bird!

Kathy J Snow©

Nature Poems

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